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Staff Application of Jaxee - Jaxee aka johnny - 07-15-2018


You must be 14 or older.(Check)
You must have a mic. (Check)
You must have atleast 24 Hour's of playtime on the server. (Incoming.)
Have no more than 4 warnings. (0 warns) 
You must have no active warnings. (Check)

Staff Application Template

Ingame name: Jaxee

Steam ID: 

Country and Timezone: Belguim & GMT +1

Date Of Birth And Current Age: 03/06/2002 & 16y/o

Total Playtime:  1 hour atm.

Total Warnings: I got 0 warnings.

How many hours can u dedicate to the server on a weekly basis : Min. 10hours

Why should we accept your application?:  I have alot of experience as being Staff, my highest rank was Senior-Admin on the previous server with Rens & Bandit. I was also Moderator & Admin on 2 other servers. I have alot of free time that i can dedicate torwards the server.

What do you think a staff member should be capable of : A Staff member should be capable of helping those in need & removing cheaters to keep the community clean.

Additional info : I've known  Bandit for 6-7 years in RL and we always play Gmod together.


Player [A] Kills Player [b]without a reason, Player [A] claims there was a good reason , but player [b]there wasn't , What do You Do: Ask [A] & what actually happened and ask also the "good reason" of player [A] after that i would check the logs to see who is lying and give them a warning.

[b]A player says someone is wallhacking , how do you respond and what would you do :
I would spectate him for 3-5 minutes to find out if he is actually "cheating" and if he is i would give him a perma ban.

Player [A] Say's Player [b]RDA'd Him. Player [b]Say's He didn't RDA them , What do You Do : I would ask [A] why he arrested and if it's a good reason i would ask [b]if it's true and if he says yes i would end the sit, but if it's a bad reason i would unarrest [b]and give [A] a warning.

[b]Explain NLR
: You can't remember anything from your previous life, so you can't go back to your last death.

Explain FailRP : Not sticking to your job

Explain FDA : Opening fading doors with the keyboard instead of ingame keypads.[/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b]

RE: Staff Application of Jaxee - Rens - 07-15-2018


Good application, Great Guy


RE: Staff Application of Jaxee - lil autismo - 07-15-2018

Great application, you seem like a nice guy and i like what you can do to the server and it seems like you kow what you are getting into Tongue