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Staff Application

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Ingame name : Lnf Leader HEHE BOI
Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:165906589
Country and timezone:UTC+2 Croatia
Date of birth and current age:04.11.2002 15
Total playtime: 3hrs
Total warnings:0
How many hours can u dedicate to this server on a weekly basis: Around 10 hrs
Why should we accept your staff application:Beacuse i want to help this server grow,and it would be nice to be able to help others.+ im friendly and i listen to people what they have to say,im righteous and will never ban or warn without a reason.
What do you think a staff member should be capable of:A staff member should be capable of having commands to help people who have been rdmd,rdad and people who fda or fail rp,he should be righteous and nice to people and not banning for no reason!
Additional info:I want to be a staff member beacuse im poor xD,i wana help the server grow.
Player [A] Kills Player [B] without a reason, Player [A] claims there was a good reason , but player [B] there wasn't , What do You Do:
I check the logs and see which one is lying,than i warn the person for lying to an admin and rdm.
A player says someone is wallhacking , how do you respond and what would you do :
I go cloak my self and go check him out,if he is wallhacking than i ban him for the appropriate time.
Player [A] Say's Player [B] RDA'd Him. Player [B] Say's He didn't RDA them , What do You Do?
I check the logs for arrests,and warn the one lying.
Explain NLR :new life rule
no going back to the place u died for 4 min
Explain FailRP : failing in roleplay like mugging as mayor,or police.
Explain FDA :fading door abuse , when a person is opening the fading door with his keyboard rather than using buttons or keypads.

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Some questions had really short answers.
For example:

"What do you think a staff member should be capable" You say that a staff member is capeable of having commands that can help people who have been rdm'd, rdad, etc.
But that's not the only thing a staff member is capeable to do. They can do much more than only help people by having commands.

Please reply again in 1 week. Doing this sooner than a week will get your next application instantly denied.

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