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[READ FIRST] Staff Application Template

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You must be 14 or older.
You must have a mic.
You must have atleast 24 Hour's of playtime on the server.
Have no more than 4 warnings.
You must have no active warnings.

Staff Application Template

Ingame name:

Steam ID:

Country and Timezone:

Date Of Birth And Current Age:

Total Playtime: (This Will Be Checked)

Total Warnings:

How many hours can u dedicate to the server on a weekly basis :

Why should we accept your application?:

What do you think a staff member should be capable of :

Additional info :


Player [A] Kills Player [B] without a reason, Player [A] claims there was a good reason , but player [B] there wasn't , What do You Do:

A player says someone is wallhacking , how do you respond and what would you do :

Player [A] Say's Player [B] RDA'd Him. Player [B] Say's He didn't RDA them , What do You Do?


Explain NLR :

Explain FailRP :

Explain FDA :

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