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Krakan Staff application


Age: 14
Mic: Yes
Playtime 1 hour and 30 minutes
Warns: 0

Ingame name: Krakan

Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/krakan21/

Sweden CEST

20 August 2003

playtime: 1 hour 30 minutes

Warns: 0

40 hour per week around there

You should accept my application because im a experienced staff member and i like to watch over players and help other players that are getting rdmd, rdad, etc.
Im a very honest and nice person it takes alot for me to get mad and abuse my powers.

A staff member should be capable of: Protecting the server in a certain way and with that i mean that a staff member should not be able to ban whoever he sees or spawn in 100x better printers than the public. I think the staff member should be capable of just being there as a helper that takes care of people who rdm and nlr etc.


situation 1: I check the logs for adverts and the Player A's job incase he was a hitman or something close to that, Player B i ask what happend and if he responds with something that corresponds to the logs and the killers job ill do following actions. If Player A was a citizen and he did not advert anything and player b was just roaming around thats a pretty clear situation, i ask player b and a agian what happend to see if anyone lied and wanted to give up and if no one lies its a warn for Player A.

Situation 2. First of all i bring both of them into a sit and ask for their perspectives after that i check logs for advert and kills, after that i check Player A's job because he might be a wanted hitman. And if i see in the logs the hitman was wanted i tell player A that he was wanted and Player B was just doing his job. The reason why i checked kills and adverts is because a hitman might off did /advert hit complete because he killed someone and a cop saw that and got a warrant for his arrest.
The kills are good to look for nlr abusers because nlr is about not remebering ur past life so if Player A got killed by B and then no reason for Player B's arrest that means that Player A "Remembered his past life" that he got killed by player B and that is a warn for Player A.

Nlr (New life rule) This is when let's say you got killed by a hitman that had a hit on you. You should not go and kill the hitman becasue that s 1 rdm and he rememberd that he got killed and that tells me that he essentially "rememberd his past life" which this rule is made of ur not supposed to remeber ur past life.

Failrp: Let's say im raiding a base and when im gonna start keypad cracking the first door i see that there is no keypad and that there is no fading door, thats a fail base because whatever you do, you will not be able to get in the base. Lets look at another situation you are walking around with ur meth in your grav gun and a hobo comes up and steal ur meth that's failrp because 1. Hobo you cannot steal with 2. depending on server rules you have to /advert Steal.

FDA: Fading door abuse is when u have keybind for your fading door lets pretend i have a fading door and i can open it by pressing 1 if someone is raiding me and keypad cracking the door i cannot spam 1 so he cant crack the door and same goes with the lockpick so if i spam 1 he can't lockpick it because it constantly open and closes.


Steam id is wrong, badly answered to your time zone,not a big deal but you didn't give your current age, you did not answer to the second situation, you answered to the third one. And it would be nice if you pasted the template so i didn't have to go back and forth from the template back to your application.

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