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DarkRP Rules

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DarkRP Rules

Global Rules:
•Don't RDM (Random Death Match)
•Don't RDA (Random Arrest)
•Don't break NLR (New Life Rule: You don't remember anything about your previous life and you're not allowed to return to the place where you died for 3 minutes)
•Don't FailRP
•Don't break FearRP
•Don't FDA
•Don't metagame/ghost (using RP knowledge out of character)
•one-way prop shooting is not allowed
•Don't prop abuse (block, climb etc.)
•Don't spam in chat or voice chat
•Behave in the global chat (OOC)
•Don't abuse your police sweps (Stunstick abuse/Random weapon checks)
•Don't randomly warrant/want someone
•Don't self-supply (This is allowed when there are no other gun dealers online)

Criminal Rules:
•The maximum mug amount is 5k.
•Advert before doing a mug, raid, kidnap, hit/assassination, counter and assist.
•You also need to advert when the raid or kidnap is over.
•You need to advert when you accept a hit and when you complete a hit.
•The mug, raid and kidnap cooldown is 5 minutes
•After raiding/mugging/kidnapping someone you need to wait 20 minutes before you may kidnap/mug/raid him again.
•Mugging hobo's is failRP because they don't have any money
•If someone is annoying you need to warn him 3 times with advert before you're allowed to kill him
•Multibinds are not allowed

Building Rules:
•Your keypad must be clearly next to your fading door so no hidden keypads.
•The maximum amount of fading doors controlled by keypad is 4
•Your keypad timer must be 5 seconds or longer
•Place a building sign when you're building
•You're not allowed to have a KOS and Building sign at the same time
•It's not to force players to crouch, jump, crouch jump, or precision walk
•Its not allowed to have traps or mazes in your base
•Only hobo's are allowed to build on the streets

This is it for now there will probably be more rules in the future,

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