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My hot.sexy.sweaty application


Ingame name: lil autismo

Steam ID:STEAM_1:1:84909961

Country and Timezone: GMT +2

Date Of Birth And Current Age:30.6.2003 and my current age is 15.

Total Playtime:  1 hour as i am writing this.

Total Warnings: 0

How many hours can u dedicate to the server on a weekly basis : bassically all day until september 3(school starts) but after school i can play for hours. So roughly 42hrs min on summer vacation, and about 21hrs during school.

Why should we accept your application?: i was a super admin on a couple of other darkrp servers and a couple of militaryrp servers and i do have experience on hosting my own server so you would be getting a good mod/admin.

What do you think a staff member should be capable of : kick,warn

Additional info : I love playing gmod, i am good with server commands and that things i can also be a dev but i am mostly look for to loose time and gmod darkrp realy does the trick. On other servers when i was a mod and somebody was having a issue i tried to do my best to respond as fast as i could and resolve the issue.


Player [A] Kills Player [B] without a reason, Player [A] claims there was a good reason , but player [B] there wasn't , What do You Do:

ask why a killed b why he killed him, and if a responds with he was raiding, passed the kos line or something else i would warn b for false accusation if a gives a stupid reason like he said bad things about my mom or something like that i would warn him, and if that continues 2 more times i would kick him, if 5 times i would ban him.

A player says someone is wallhacking , how do you respond and what would you do :

 i would spectate him and if i notice some weird stuff and if the server has the addon to grab a players screenshot i would do that and would perm ban after that for hacking.

Player [A] Say's Player [B] RDA'd Him. Player [B] Say's He didn't RDA them , What do You Do?

I would ask  player b why he arested him while checking the logs, if player a lied about being rda'd i would warn him for false accusation, if player b lied i would war for rda.


Explain NLR : NLR is New Life Rule, meaning you can not get revenge on the player that killed you and you can not get near the area where you were killed for 3 mins.

Explain FailRP : Anything that ruins roleplaying is FailRP.

Explain FDA : abusing fading doors, meaning it must be on a button/keypad (something that other players can touch and interact in-game with), if the door is bound to a button on your keyboard it is fda.



Good Application , seems to know what you are getting in to.

EvolutionRP Management Team.

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