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[GUIDE] How to fail at applying for staff.

(This post was last modified: 07-02-2018, 09:03 PM by Shawn.)

Ingame name: Shawn.

Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198053547666

Country and Timezone: GMT+2 (Summertime)

Date Of Birth And Current Age: 1999-12-16, 18.

Total Playtime: (This Will Be Checked) Zero hours.

Total Warnings: Zero.

How many hours can u dedicate to the server on a weekly basis : Zero.

Why should we accept your application?: You really shouldn't, i spend most of my time working and due to this i've got basically no time to spend on games.

What do you think a staff member should be capable of : Moderating the server, obviously. They should know the rules like they know their own phone number. A good staff member has experienced every thinkable situation there is to encounter as a member of a staff team. Common sense is also very important, an illogical staff member is more likely to ban an innocent than someone who thinks, understads and uses common sense.

Additional info : Uh, not sure. I smoke.


Player [A] Kills Player without a reason, Player [A] claims there was a good reason , but player there wasn't , What do You Do: I check the logs, if it turns out that player [A] RDM:d (Random deathmatch:d) player without a reason i'd punish player [A] according to the server rules.

A player says someone is wallhacking , how do you respond and what would you do : If there is definite proof of this, the player shalt be banned.

Player [A] Say's Player RDA'd Him. Player Say's He didn't RDA them , What do You Do? Investigate. If there were no non-partial witnesses i would let player [A] go, otherwise i'd give them a warning.


Explain NLR : New life rule, the time indicating for how long you have to wait before returning to your point of death, interacting with the person who killed you etc.

Explain FailRP : Doing something that is very non-rp. Punching someone who is pointing a gun in your face is FailRP for obvious reasons.

Explain FDA : FD-what?

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